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Flat Roofing Wirral – RG Developments

RG Developments Wirral can install the best quality Rubber flat roofs for our Wirral based clients. Rubber Roofs are a great flat roofing solution for low-rise buildings. Rubber flat roofs are fire resistant, water resistant and incredibly long lasting. A well installed flat roof can last up to 30 years providing you with a roofing solution that is cost effective.

If you live in the Wirral area and are considering a flat roof installation, then contact RG Developments Wirral today for a free no obligation flat roof quote.

Residential Flat Roofing


Single Storey Home Extensions

Single Storey Home Extensions

Wrap-around Home Extensions




Garden Rooms

Commercial Flat Roofing

Council Buildings

Office Buildings


Industrial Units


Large Industrial Buildings

High Rise Buildings

Shops & Restaurants

Rubber roofing should be your go to choice to cover these sort of buildings. A flat rubber roof will cost you significantly less than pitched roof alternatives such as clay or slate. Flat roofs are also cheaper to repair and replace when it may be needed down the line. Waterproof resins will be applied to further increase its water resistance ensuring that your flat roof will never build up water and will adequately drain all year round.

Why Choose a Rubber Flat Roof

Aesthetic Look


Cheaper To Repair


Water Resistant

Fire Resistant

Versatile For Any Shaped Roof

Requires Little to No Maintenance

Extremely Weather Resistant

Individual Areas Can Be Treated

Does Not Warp or Crack

Environmentally Friendly

RG Developments Wirral has decades of flat roof installation experience and can always provide you with a flat roofing solution that will meet your development budget. All flat roofs supplied and installed by us will come with a lengthy guarantee in order to ensure that our Wirral based customers have complete peace of mind when it comes to getting a new flat roof.

Felt Flat Roofing

RG Developments also offer a complete felt flat roofing service to both commercial and residential clients. Modern innovation means felt roofs are now significantly more durable and long lasting than they ever have been before. Felt roofing is a cost-effective roofing solution that will enable you to cover larger surfaces for a very affordable cost. Felt roofs can also be repaired and maintained for a low price ensuring you won’t run into large costly repair bills.

Flat Roof Repairs Wirral

RG Developments can repair any flat roof in the Wirral area for both commercial and residential clients. If you believe your flat roof is not performing to the standard it should be or can see visible signs of damage, then contact the team at RG today to get your flat roof repaired. Flat roofs can have individual spots treated and replaced ensuring you will rarely need an entire replacement.  

Flat Roofing FAQ

Do You Offer Guarantees?

Yes, All our work will be fully guaranteed. You will be informed of your guarantee length prior to any booking.

What Type of Flat Roofing Do You Offer?

RG Development Wirral can install all types of flat roofing solutions. Our most common installations are:

Felt Roofing

Rubber Roofing

Do You Install Commercial Roofs?

Yes, we have extensive experience in installing flat roofing on large commercial buildings.

Will You Match My Flat Roofing Quote?

Yes, we will try to match any existing flat roofing quote you have if it is possible to for us.

How Long Do Flat Roofs Last?

Flat roofs usually come with a long manufacturers’ warrantee covering them for 10 – 20 years dependant on the material used. You can usually expect your flat roof to last 5 – 10 years past the warrantee.

What Should I Do if My Flat Roof is Leaking?

If your flat roof is leaking or you see water damage on your walls you should contact us immediately. Water damaged flat roofs can lead to failure if left unrepaired.

Will You Repair My Existing Flat Roof?

Yes, RG Developments Wirral offer a complete flat roof repairs service.