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How Much Does A New Extension Cost?

By RG Developments Wirral

How much value will an extension add to my house?

Firstly, consider can you extend?

When looking to invest in a new home extension the most important factor to consider is if you can extend, although you may have the available space that does not mean your planning application will be accepted. Obtaining planning permission can often be a long and arduous process that can deter even the most determined of homeowners. Luckily if you use an extension specialist company such as RG Developments Wirral then they will help you during the planning process to ensure you have the best chance of getting your extension plans approved. When it comes to extending your home, you should consider important factors such as available space, function, design and potential increase in home value.

Right now, is the best possible time to extend your home as development rules have recently been relaxed for homeowners making planning permission easier to obtain. These relaxed development rules also mean you can now extend further without planning permission making a dream extension that wasn’t possible previously, much more achievable for thousands of homeowners around the country.

Will Extending add value to your home?

Often customers who have extended their homes with RG developments have seen an increase in their homes’ value, this however is not a guarantee as it will be dependant on a variety of factors such as your homes size, location and the size and quality of the extension. There are a few things that you can personally do to gauge the potential increase in value of your home –

Ask your home extension company – More often than not the company you are using may have completed a similar extension to the one you are going to build. You can ask them if they have completed any in the local area and how it affected the homes value in that case to give you an estimated guideline

Secondly, you could seek an appraisal of a local estate agent they will know the ceiling prices of homes in your location so can advise you what would be a worthwhile investment and what wouldn’t. This is a great way to set your budget.

An often overlooked but highly valuable method is asking your neighbours. If you are aware of neighbours that have had an extension why not invite them for a cup of tea and pick their brains about their extension process and any trials or tribulations, they faced during the build process. Along with enquiring if they have seen an increase in value of their home from their new extension. While experts will always be able to give you a guideline sometimes you can’t beat first hand advice from someone who has already been through the process.

The Benefits of a Home Extension?

An extension can provide you with a wide range of benefits as well as the potential increase in home value. A home extension should give you an additional space that will really improve the way you live in your home, weather it be more room for a new kitchen or added space for utility rooms or entertainment areas.

1.) Open your home to the outdoors

An extension should feel like a seamless addition to your home and can transform the way you use your garden and enjoy the outdoors. Any extension can be complemented with the addition of Bi-Fold doors that can be completely opened, creating a wide-open area in the rear of your property, perfect for entertaining friends and family for parties and barbeques. Extension with Bi-fold doors give you complete control over the natural light and airflow coming into your home. UPVC Bi-Fold doors are energy efficient meaning your new extension will help keep your home cooler in the summer and insulated in the winter. In addition to this, energy efficient doors and windows added to your extension will also help you save on energy bills by reducing energy wastage.

2.) Designed around what you need

Using a design and build service means your extension can be designed entirely around your needs, weather it be requirements for disability access and use or just additional rooms for storage and utility. Your extension should complement your home and give you the added space you have been dreaming of.

3.) Increase the value of your property

As mentioned above often a new home extension can increase the value of your property. With the right research prior to the design of your extension you can tailor your budget so your extension becomes an investment, by not spending more than the added value the extension will give you.

4.) Gives you added utility within your home

A new extension will afford you a huge amount of utility within your home, a wrap around extension can give you that dream kitchen along with added space for utility rooms and bathrooms. While a multi-storey extension can completely change the use of your home allowing you to add additional bedrooms, living areas and bathrooms.

5.) Perfect for a larger kitchen

One of the most common uses for a single storey extension is the addition of a beautiful new kitchen. You can create a focal point in your home that is perfect for relaxing, cooking and socialising with friends and family. A kitchen extension will allow your new kitchen to have spacious worktops and even a new kitchen island which is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after modern kitchen features.

6.) Upgrades your home

Sometimes the size of your home can dictate that you may need to move to get that much needed space for an extra family member weather it is parents moving in or a child on the way. This can be a hard decision to make especially if you have grown to love your home ands your area. A new extension will mean you can stay exactly where you are and just develop the additional space you have been looking for. You may also find that developing your existing home with a new extension will be a lot more cost effective than moving to a bigger house.

Why use RG Developments Wirral for your home extension –

RG developments have decades of experience when it comes to designing and building extensions of all shapes and sizes. Their dedicated team can guide you through the entire process removing the stress and allowing you to focus on the enjoyable side of the development and design. With a track record of building beautiful extensions within the Wirral and around the Northwest RG Developments are your local extension specialists, offering an unrivalled service for a price that won’t be beaten.