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RG Developments Wirral Ltd are your local and experienced roofing specialists. Covering Hoylake and the entire Wirral area, the team at RG strive to provide customers with expert roofing and building services. We know when it comes to getting a large project completed on your home such as a new roof or extension you want to use a reliable and trustworthy company. RG Developments strive to be that company of trust for all their Hoylake based clients, with over 20 years of dedicated roofing and building experience, you can be certain RG have the expertise you need.

We offer all roofing services including roof repairs, storm damage repairs, roofline services and entirely new roof installations. You can be certain your new roof will be ready to perform as RG Developments source all their roofing materials from some of the UK’s leading manufacturers. We offer free no obligation quotes for all our Hoylake based customers, so contract RG Developments today to start your next roofing project.

Roofing Services in Hoylake

New Roof Installations - Roofer Hoylake

The experienced team at RG Developments can install an entirely new roof for your home, using some of the best materials on the market. From concrete to slate tiles RG will have a roof tile design that complements your home. A brand-new tiled roof will not only add significant value to your home but also help improve its thermal efficiency ensuring heating your home will be cheaper for years to come. A new roof will also assist you in protecting your property from longer term damage from things like damp or rotting joists. When having a new roof installed you can also opt for fresh roof insulation further improving your properties energy efficiency.

Roof Repairs & Maintenance

RG also offer a complete roof repairs service for customers in Hoylake. Sometimes a roof will not need to be replaced and a s simple repair will suffice. However there has been a steady increase in some roofers pushing customers into a new roof purchase when it’s not needed. RG Developments Wirral offer both roof repairs and new roofs so you can rest easy knowing that RG will offer the service that is best for your budget and your home. RG’s team of friendly and reliable roofers can come to your home and inspect any damage that may need repair and then advice you on the best course of action. RG Developments keep their roofing repairs service affordable for Hoylake customers so you can get your roofing issue rectified as quickly as possible.

Roofline Services

RG Developments offers a comprehensive roofline service to all Hoylake based clients. Their Roofline services include fascia & soffits repairs and replacements, guttering installation and repairs and many more. Ensuring your fascia & soffit boards are well maintained is crucial when it comes to protecting your roof from potential damage. If your roof is performing well then it is best to ensure all other aspects of your home are up to date to help add to the longevity of your roof and save you money in the long run.

Storm Damage Repairs

The experienced roofing team from RG Developments are always to on hand to assist you with any storm damage that can occur. With weather becoming for unpredictable older roof owners are experience more frequent damage to their roofs from harsher weather. RG offers a quick and reliable storm damage repairs service to ensure your roof can begin to perform for your home again.

Flat Roofing Systems

RG Developments Wirral also offer a complete flat roofing service. Modern flat roofing systems are better than ever with significant fire resistance and water-resistant properties. Flat roofing is an ideal way for covering your outhouse, single story extension or garage in a cost-effective manner. Contact RG Developments Wirral today top find out how flat roofing could be an ideal choice for you.

Commercial Roofing - Roofer Hoylake

RG Developments Wirral also undertake all commercial roofing works for both property developers and councils. RG have years of experience in installing brand new roofs for council contracts. While also serving the public RG Developments are also one of the few most reliable commercial roofing companies within the Wirral & Hoylake Areas.

Roofing FAQ – Here to Help

What are the signs my roof is in need of repair?

Sometimes your roof can be degrading and in need of repairs without you even noticing, which is why roof inspection is a crucial aspect to keep on top of.

Some signs if damage to keep an eye out for are –
– Missing Shingles / Roof Tiles
– Debris Falling from Your Roof
– New breezes or Cold Appearing from Your Loft
– Damp or Mould Builds Up
– Leaks

If you are experiencing any of these roofs related issue, then you should contact RG Developments Wirral for an inspection and potential repair.

My Roof Is Leaking, What Should I Do?

If you are experiencing a leak or water build up from your roof, then it is important to act quickly. The quicker you act the more money you can save yourself. Contact your local Roofer such as RG Developments Wirral so they can come out and inspect your roof.

Often a simple roof repair will resolve your water damage issue, however heavily water damaged roof may require complete replacement.

How Much Does A New Roof Cost?

This is perhaps the most common question any perspective homeowners will ask when seeking roofing advice.

There are a variety of factors that affect a roof cost –
– Size of The Roof
– Complexity of The Roof
– Quality of Tiles Used
– Additional Features (insulation, joists, additional repairs)
– Your Geographical Location

Roofing prices can vary massively which is why it is always best practise to get multiple quotes as material prices are changing regularly. A benchmark is that a standard sized roof could cost you anything from £6000- £8000.

Does My Roof Have a Warrantee or Guarantee?

Your warrantee and potentially guarantee on your roof will be entirely dependent on the company who installed your roof and the products they used. Any reputable roofer should inform you of the source of their products and any warrantees you have from them.

How Long Does A Roof Replacement Take?

A new roof installation on a standard sized home should take one day.

Skilled roofers such as RG Developments Wirral are very efficient when it comes to roof installation, ensuring your property is only being worked on within the time period it need to.

What Should I Ask a Roofer Before Hiring Them?

Often people can forget to ask all the crucial questions needed when hiring a roofing contractor. It is best practice to make a check list and ensure you have them ready so you can get the answers you need to give you peace of mind.

A Few Questions to Start Would Be –
– What is Your Insurance?
– Is Your Work Guaranteed?
– Have You Completed Any Roofs Locally?
– Who Do You Buy Your Roof Products From?
– How Many Roofers Do You Have?
– Will There Be Experienced Roofers Working on My Home?
– What is Your Process If Something Goes Wrong

From then outset asking detailed questions can only be valuable for giving you peace of mind and helping your find the best roofer. A trustworthy roofer should be able to easily answer any of these questions, if they can’t then you should take note. Remember your roofer will want your business os also feel free to make requests, such as “Can you please ensure you have at least one of your most experienced roofers on my job?”

Want To Learn More?

RG Developments Wirral consistently write new blog articles about roofing best practices and many other services we offer such as extensions, building and groundworks. See some of our latest articles here.

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RG Developments Wirral offer completely free no obligation quotes for our roofing services for both domestic and commercial clients. Start your free roofing quote here.

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