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Why Use Structural Steel


Structural steel components are incredibly high strength, while being much lighter than weight-bearing wood. Fabricated weight-bearing steel can be up to 50% lighter than its wooden counterpart. A lighter and more durable alternative fabricated steel excels when it comes to durability and strength, with its integrity optimised for high weight loads.


The steel studs of the frames can be fabricated in a wide variety of sizes, meaning you can get the exact size needed for the load it needs to bear. Ensuring you can get the right framework to support a variety of weights in your building.

Weather Resistant

Structural steel can be coated with zinc and powder treatments to further optimise their moisture resistance meaning they can absorb high amounts of harsh weather and water without sacrificing their integrity. Treatment on your steel will make it more resistant to things like condensation and rust.


Steel, if properly treated will outperform and outlast wooden and concrete structural alternatives. Steel will not split, crack or creep as it ages and repels all insects and pests. Mould and mildew will also not grow as steel lack porosity. Water- and flame-resistant coating can also be applied to steel to protect against moisture build up and warping.

Insect and Pest Resistant

Structural steel is completely resistant to insects and pest burrowing, which can happen with wood framing. Potentially saving you a lot of money in the future with repairs and checks.

Fire Resistance

Structural steel is incredibly flame resistant, able to keep its integrity even under large amounts of heat. Making Steel frames a much safer option than compared to its wooden counterparts. Steel frames can also be coated to further increase flame resistance.


Steel can be endlessly recycled without losing its strength or durability. The use of computer modelling prior to the fabrication process now means that there is less waste than there has ever been from the fabrication process. Making steel one of the most sustainable building choices.


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